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14 Feb 2023

Artists with magical powers fight to achieve their dreams.

Announcing Re;Act: The Arts of War

Re;Act is a 1 vs 1 grid-based card dueling game about different artists fighting with incredible magic powers based on their different art forms.

An original IP with character designs by wickedalucard, this cast of colorful characters come with extremely asymmetrical powers and gameplay mechanics.



Each character comes with a unique pre-built deck of cards, all of which are either "Intentions", which start off a chain, or "Reactions", which can be played in response to an intention or reaction. All effects are played to the React chain, which resolve only once both players pass on playing reactions, and resolve backwards: first in last out. Inspired heavily by the Yugioh Effect Chain and Magic Stack, Re;ACT aims to combine the crunchy competitive counter play of TCGs with the sleek approachability of modern board games.



As you work to damage your opponent or control the board with your character and summons, you'll also be competing to finish your masterpiece before your opponent, a gorgeous 3 card spread of your character's greatest work. Doing so will grant you powers of your art form's truest expressions, and will be key to victory.


Re;Act gameplay


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Re;Act Tabletopia banner

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