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09 Apr 2024

Reclaim your divinity as an Olympian god!

Announcing Reign of Hades

Reign of Hades immerses players in a visually stunning and modern interpretation of Greek Mythology with its captivating blend of dungeon crawler elements and action-driven storytelling.

In this enthralling, co-operative campaign game, you will take on the roles of fallen heroes who were once mighty Olympian Gods. Imprisoned in Tartarus by the cunning Hades, you and your fellow players must set yourselves free and navigate the treacherous realms of the Underworld together.

Reign of Hades_news2.jpg

Starting as mortal shadows of your former selves, you will fight to reclaim your divinity and strength, with one ultimate goal in mind: confronting Hades and taking back what's rightfully yours—Olympus.

Combining the best of Euro and Ameri mechanics, Reign of Hades offers an innovative gameplay experience in the dungeon-crawling genre, where pure chance plays a minimal role, and the fate of the gods is completely in the hands of the players.

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