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26 Jan 2021

Enter the Ultimate Battle Royale Experience! 🎯

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Inspired by video games such as Fortnite, Reload is an authentic battle royale experience for 2-4 players. Using an innovative action dice system, Reload offers a combination of fast-paced and a true freedom of play while exploring the island and fighting for fame.



In the near future, the mega-corporations of the military-industrial complex have invested trillions developing cybernetically enhanced clone soldiers for off-world exploration. Seeking to build robust teams for future missions — and more importantly, to land lucrative government contracts — they have created special training islands. On these islands, they are able to simulate all of the deadly conditions their soldiers may face on remote planets.

To fund these expensive programs and the military-grade innovations built into their test subjects, the arms manufacturers have teamed up with media moguls to create and promote broadcast competitions live from the island's training grounds. Thus was born "RELOAD", the biggest TV show on the planet, with the most charismatic and capable subjects competing in front of millions of avid viewers to win fame for themselves and fortunes for their creators.





In Reload, you get to engage in this battle-royale experience thanks to an innovative action dice system that offers fast-paced play and the freedom to explore the island while fighting for fame.

Read the rules here (not final)!

Then wanna try it for yourself? Book a time with a member of the Kolossal Games team here for a private game (this game is not available in the public catalogue). Afterwards, you'll get your own private link of the game to share with your friends!


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