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09 Mar 2022

Race from Istanbul to Shanghai while navigating strategy and co-player vendettas.

Announcing Route East

Race from Istanbul to Shanghai in an action-packed board game filled with tense gaming frustration, strategy and co-player vendettas. Based on a trip of a lifetime, Route East takes players across mountains, valleys, and stunning wonders of the less explored areas of the world while testing their planning and cunning skills.



Photo by Pointsandplays


At the start of each turn, you pick an Ignition card and then you play your three moves. How you play them is up to you - you might decide to move on the board or pick or play Action Cards that will give you various advantages throughout the game. You might also have to roll the dice to move depending on the circumstances.



Photo by What Board Game


Plan your route through must-see attractions along the way, and develop a strategy based on budget, fuel, cunning and pure foul play! First one to Shanghai, you got it, wins!



It won’t be easy. Did we mention:

  • You’ll definitely not have enough money - that’s guaranteed
  • Your teammates will steal from you, bribe their way through borders, and damage your car so badly you’ll Be stuck for days without moves
  • Early front-runners get the brunt of abuse - have you not heard that slow and steady wins the race?
  • Play dirty or be kind. Become your competitors’ best ally or screw everyone over and make a dash for the finish.


You'll need an equal mix of skill, planning, and bloody savviness to get to Shanghai first.



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