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31 May 2022

Create a monumental city and rule Egypt!

Announcing SA-RÊ

You are Sa-Rê, child of the Sun (Rê, which also means God) in Ancient Egypt. Since Pharaoh is the living God, you are the child of Pharaoh.



Your father must decide which of his children will be worthy to rule the kingdom when he abdicates the throne. To prove their worthiness he requires each to embark on a mission, to build a Pharaonic city. The most successful will prove their ability to rule! Each will be given the same resources and a building site. Success will depend on how the players motivate their workers to work harder to acquire resources without causing them to revolt and stop progress. As they build their cities they can earn bonuses that will help them achieve their goals!




There’s no time to waste – you call your Master Builder and start working. No doubt that Pharaoh will be informed about how your undertaking is going. One of your advisors tells you that your brothers and sisters already started building their city. You need to find out how you can outmatch them – and maybe, how to sow the seeds of revolt among their workers…



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