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23 Nov 2020

Captain a fleet of ships scouring the depths of the ocean for hidden treasure 🚤

Announcing Salvage Hidden Treasures

Welcome to Salvage Hidden Treasures, the game where you take the helm as Salvage Ship Captains aboard the treacherous high seas. Throughout 16 rounds, you and your rivals will discover and salvage treasure from the depths of the ocean. When the game is up the captain with the biggest haul of treasure will claim victory. Easy, except within the seven seas are pirates, sharks and other hazards lurking in the depths. A clever combination of strategy and good fortune will score you treasures that swing the odds in your favour and ruin the hopes of your rivals.



Being a salvage ship captain means fighting it out on the high seas, searching for treasure and owning the biggest haul at the end of the game. Starting with one ship, you will take turns discovering, salvaging and bartering for treasure tiles. Navigating your boats across the ocean, you will pay to discover what lies beneath the waves salvaging treasures to claim them as your own. You may want to think of investing some of your money into expanding your fleet from one to three salvage ships. Each boat can only hold so much weight!



Now in its final hours on Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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