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18 Aug 2023

Create a flower garden for the palace of Prussian kings!

Announcing Sanssouci

This game could have easily been a new exhibit of our Board Game Museum because the first edition of this classic tile placement title by Michael Kiesling came out ten years ago and since then the game has become rare to find. However, thanks to Imperial Publishing Inc., we now have a completely new edition of Sanssouci which is available both physically and digitally on Tabletopia.


Each player has a personal garden that is divided into rows and columns; each row shows a color, while each column shows one of nine garden elements, such as the wells or a pavilion. Players start with one noble at the top of each column. A shared tile supply board has five rows and two columns, which are unlabeled. At the start of the game, ten tiles are placed on this supply board; each tile depicts one of the nine garden elements. Each turn, a player plays one of his two cards in hand, which determines the tile he can take from the supply, e.g. take a pavilion tile, take a tile from the red or gray spaces, etc. 

The player then refills the supply and draws a new card. The game ends after 18 rounds. Each player then receives bonus points for each completed row and column. Furthermore, each player has received two order cards at the start of the game, each of which shows one of the nine columns; each player receives bonus points for the row reached by the noble in that column. The player with the most points wins.

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