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02 Feb 2022

Don't get tripped up by the parrot.

Announcing Schnattergei

In Schnattergei, you need to call out the right words at the right time — and know when to hit the deck!

To start, deal each player a deck of 25 face-down cards. Cards show one of seven items on them — banana, strawberry, elephant, cocoa, carrot, bell pepper, or schnattergei (this being a chatty parrot) — with each item being in one of four colors: yellow, red, blue, or brown.




On a turn, flip the top card of your deck onto the discard pile and quickly say the object (banana, strawberry, elephant, cocoa) matching the color of the card revealed (yellow, red, blue, brown). You never say "carrot" or "pepper", and when you flip a schnattergei, you must "parrot" the previous player by saying what they said, not what matches the color of the parrot. If you make a mistake, take two cards from your deck and place them under the discard pile.




When someone reveals an item that matches the item on the top of the discard pile, everyone must race to slap the pile. Whoever does so first claims these cards as points. When the decks run out, whoever has collected the most cards wins.



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