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20 May 2020

Hoist Your Sails!

Announcing Sea of Nadia

Ahoy mateys! Discover tales and treasures beyond your wildest imagination. Navigate the mysterious waters of Nadia. Pick your captain, prepare your ship, Roll and assign dice to cast a curse, activate an accomplice; or power up and find resources. A pick up and delivery game for 2-4 pirates.




Sea of Nadia is a board game about hunting treasures around the Sea of Nadia.

You will dive into a fantasy land of 17th century where treasures are all over the islands of the Sea of Nadia. And you will take a role of one of 4 captains - a rich but still crazy about gold merchant Sam Bellamy, a brave lady Charlotte de Berry famous for her unpredictability, strong and explosive pirate Bartholomew Roberts, and sneaky bastard brought up by pirates Jean-David Nau.

You will take control of a captain and travel on a ship around the map, collect resources, open chests full of treasures, gain captain powers, get best merchant offers, cooperate with others to stop the most rich ones or maybe trick other hunters by messing their plans or even steal their keys or treasures and many more!




To open chests you will need specific combinations of resources so the more luxurious is the chest - the more difficult it is to collect required keys and the more points you get.

To improve your abilities and get great one time deals, you will be able to buy cards which give you permanent or temporary effects.

But be careful and look at the compasses, as they will show you what is happening in the sea and will affect all of the players!

There's also a fun choice for the Admirals of each round, where they will roll dice and assign them to each captain including themselves!

If this sounds like something you're into, let's sail with us the SEA OF NADIA!


Play it right now on Tabletopia, and be sure to check out their freshly launched Kickstarter!



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