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14 Jul 2023

Restore life to Animal Kingdom

Announcing Serengeti Sanctuary

Preserve the wilds of Africa! Serengeti Sanctuary is a game for two to four players aged 7+ which takes 30 to 60 minutes to play. The game has a wildlife conservation theme, and features beautifully designed cards with wild animals from the Serengeti and a range of African terrain settings. The players seek to expand their wildlife reserves as successfully as possible. The game is live on Gamefound now!

Each turn the players draft cards from the play area following simple rules. They also have park staff members who give extra drafting abilities. The aim is to build sets of animals and therefore accumulate a growing score. Once the drafting is completed, players take turns to choose how many of their cards to play. The score they achieve is added to the victory track, and the points gained that turn are also used to enhance their staff team and gain sanctuary tokens.

The game is a Finalist of the Ravensburger "The Next Big Family Game" Competition.

Play it now on Tabletopia!

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