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12 Oct 2021

Build, explore, and hunt to become a lord of these beautiful lands.

Announcing Settlement

You are the leader of settlers who have discovered new lands. Using powerful artifacts, you will explore terrains, hunt monsters, construct buildings, and create outposts. Collect diamonds and gold and welcome mighty heroes to make your settlement the most famous one!



In Settlement, you need to effectively manage settlers and resources. The goal of the game is to score as many victory points as possible by the end of the last round.



👪 1-4 players

⌛ 45-90 minutes

⚙ Tile placement, worker placement, set collecting



On your turn, if you have the required resources, you may spend them to invite a hero to your settlement. Heroes are useful because they bring you victory points. Sometimes, a hero's score depends on your buildings, terrains, or outposts; some heroes also provide you with extra settlers. When you pass, you take a new artifact among the available ones, then return your previous artifact. Once all players have passed, the round ends.




At the end of the sixth round, the game ends, and you sum points from your hero cards and buildings. The player with the most victory points wins, and their settlement becomes the main outpost of the land!


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