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08 May 2021

Run a Tokyo rail conglomerate! 🚅

Announcing Shinjuku


2-4 players
45-75 minutes
Pick-up-and-deliver, route building, train capitalism


Shinjuku is a strategic network-building and pick-up-and-deliver board game. In Shinjuku, you build stores in Tokyo and the rail lines to connect them so that you can build the most successful shopping/rail conglomerate.


Every turn, new customers will arrive on the map looking to purchase one of 4 different goods. On your turn, you choose 2 different actions from: (a) Build a store, (b) Expand your rail, (c) Upgrade to a department store, (d) draw cards as Income or (e) Move customers along the rail to stores.

You start with a hand of 4 location cards, and draw a new card each turn. The Build, Upgrade and Move actions require that you play a matching location card from your hand. Cards in your hand that match locations where you have previously built a store are Wild and can be used to match any location.


The game ends when the last customer is placed (+ one final round) and victory goes to the player that acquires the most sets of customers.


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