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15 Feb 2021

The first aerial train needs a manager - are you up for it? 🚆

Announcing Skyline Express

Skyline Express - the first aerial train needs a manager. Manage your carriage as best as you can by properly placing passengers, offering them services and paying attention to their individual preferences. Prove that you are the right person to manage the Skyline Express!



Skyline Express is a low entry family board game. On your turn pick a passenger from the waiting line and place them in your carriage. Sounds easy, right? Not necessarily. In order to win you need to concentrate and control the constantly changing situation on the board. Observing the actions of other players, adjusting your strategy to the current round and making sure you fill individual passengers preferences shows that becoming a manager of an aerial train is not an easy task.




The game uses familiar mechanisms such as pattern building, set collection, tile placement and action selection and merges them into a fun experience for everyone! It’s sure to appeal to fans of games such as Azul, Sagrada and Reef.

The goal of the game is to have the most victory points after 3 rounds.


Play it now on Tabletopia!



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