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05 Jun 2021

3 ecological sustainability games come to Tabletopia

Announcing Smart City, Recharge, Summit 2030

3 new board games hit Tabletopia, all tackling sustainability in their own ways. Explore energy conservation, waste management, and global governance.


Summit 2030

With SUMMIT 2030, change is in our hands!

Summit 2030 is a board game created by the City of Modena in which players discuss and vote to bring sustainable development issues to the world's attention.

Topics include education, gender equality, inclusive cities, migration, climate change, and peaceful societies.




The game was developed as part of Shaping Fair Cities, a project funded by the European Commission, which promotes the role of cities and local governments in achieving the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Summit 2030 is suitable for all age groups and can be played at home or at school, among individual players or in teams in a printable version or directly online.




The game was developed in collaboration with Association Play Res Game Science Research Center


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Smart City

In VPK SmartCity, you are the newly appointed president of a waste management company. Use your resources wisely, sign only the contracts you can deliver in time and achieve points to further develop your business and gain access to more valuable and complex tasks. Your goal is to use your strategy skills to complete the tasks you received from the City Hall, developing a sustainable process of waste management.




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Recharge [TH]

Thai-language only


The Winner of the Board Game Design Contest under the topic of Energy Sustainability. By Banpu Public Company Limited.



In Recharge, players need to allocate resources and plan their development to generate electricity in reliable, sustainable, and environmental-friendly ways to meet a rapidly increasing demand from the growing business and industry. If the player chooses to use only clean energy, the city may not develop as quickly as others. But if a large number of conventional energy generation is chosen and no technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions, even if they can make the city develop rapidly, players would receive pollution tokens as a plus, ultimately cutting their score at the end of the game. This game takes the fun of outsmarting others while balancing energy management to become the winner in the end.


Play it now on Tabletopia!



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