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01 Sep 2021

Track down and photograph rare animals 📷

Announcing Snapshot

You are a wildlife photographer who has been hired by Snapshot Magazine to take pictures for their latest edition. The player who gains the most prestige in the game will be crowned Wildlife Photographer of the Year and win the game. You gain prestige by tracking, exploring and then photographing animals. You will also gain prestige by satisfying specific assignments for the magazine and winning a variety of awards for your portfolio.




1-4 players

15-45 minutes

Set collection, dice management, wildlife photography!



Snapshot is a card-collecting, dice-managing, push your game that challenges the player to make balanced decisions throughout the game. The player will constantly be making risk/reward decisions and trying to manage their portfolio to maximise their prestige.




In Snapshot, you'll learn how to track animals by drawing cards to place into the tableau and gain vital tracking tokens that will help you to photograph animals by manipulating the dice rolls.




There are three phases to a players turn. Phase 1 is the research phase where players draw cards to add to the table of available animals for photographing. In phase 2, players assign their six dice to animal cards on the table that they wish to photograph. In phase 3 you roll the dice and use tracking tokens to reroll. Finally, check to see if the photographs taken mean that you can now claim an award.


Now on Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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