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30 Jul 2021

The team behind Tabletopia is hiring!

Are you a savvy Social Media Manager/Community Manager?

The team behind Tabletopia (http://tabletopia.com) is developing a new platform called “Festa” - designed around playing party games with your friends online. We are currently seeking a part-time Social Media Manager/Community Manager as we launch our platform.

Initially, the job is expected to start at 10-15 hours a week, though this will ramp up as needed, particularly during our Kickstarter campaign.


  • Social media management
  • Content marketing (Tik Tok, streaming)
  • Publisher outreach (for helping get new games on the platform)
  • Proofreading (the majority of our team are non-English first language and may require you to give things a once-over on occasion!)

This position will start out with these responsibilities, but during the crowdfunding campaign, will increase to include:

  • Press engagement (including interviews, livestream appearances etc)
  • Writing crowdfunding updates
  • Monitoring crowdfunding comments


Our ideal candidate will:

  • Be a fluent English speaker/writer
  • Possess solid copyriting skillls
  • Have experience with social media content creation and posting (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok)
  • Be comfortable creating content with themselves in it (live streams, Tik Tok)
  • Be a fan of party/social games

Bonus points if you:

  • Are familiar with social media scheduling software
  • Possess a solid knowledge of the tabletop industry
  • Have relationships within the industry

We encourage candidates from all around the globe to apply (as long as they are fluent in English) - the Tabletopia team is spread throughout Europe, the US, and Australia! The primary timezones you will be working with will be Europe-based.


Please send through your resume and a small introduction about yourself to mark@tabletopia.com. We will do our best to contact you regardless of if you are proceeding further or not.


“Festa is the only platform for on-line party games. Make video conferencing fun again!”

Party games are the most popular and in-demand category of board and card games. It is often difficult for a group of friends to all get together; today there are a lot of intricate ways to play these games remotely. But they are not centralized and, in general, not very convenient.

Festa takes the hassle out of play so you can get straight to the games. Festa has the ability to play on any device, and includes features such as built-in video chat, a flexible voting system, an advanced dice thrower, secret role assignment, and more. The team will be working directly with publishers to bring official versions of their games to the platform.

Festa is created by the same team behind Tabletopia, the leading 3D digital board game virtualization platform. Tabletopia features thousands of players with subscription-based access to over 1,800 board games created by publishers worldwide.

You can read more about Festa here: https://festa.games/help/festa_presentation.pdf

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