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20 Jul 2021

Kickstart the race against time to fight climate change!

Solutions Kickstarter

Last month we shared the news of Solutions, a uniquely designed climate change game aimed at creative and educational discussion around one of the biggest scientific and political topics of the last few years.

We are happy to announce that Solutions is now live on Kickstarter and already powering into a variety of stretch goals. Don't miss your opportunity to get behind this fascinating game, and of course, you can try out the game here on Tabletopia before or after jumping into the production version.


Back it now on Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!


1-8 players
30-90 minutes
Collaborative, educational, prevent ecological disaster!




Solutions is a collaborative, discussion-based game. Project Drawdown shows a path forward to how we can beat climate change by the year 2050. They have ranked 76 climate solutions based on how much impact they can realistically have between 2020-2050, based on technology trends, adoption trends, economics, carbon lifecycle analysis, and more.



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