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16 May 2022

Outlast the Demon!

Announcing Spooky Forest

Many years ago, during a battle in a remote wood, a too curious knight entered a haunted castle without knowing that her future would change forever. Every lunar eclipse the doomed soul of the knight must protect scattered runes in the wood that she herself does not know are the key to her freedom. Several people search for these runes. Some legends said that if someone will take one rune to the castle he will be rich forever but in reality the first who will do this, he will let the soul of the knight free again.



Spooky Forest is a 3-6 player asymmetrical 1-vs-many game of demonic challenges! The Players want to survive long enough to reach the castle with a rune, while the Demon will do everything in their power to stop them. By issuing challenges, the Demon can leave the fate of Players up to games of chance in order to hinder them. If the Demon uses up all the Players' lives, they win. But if any Player makes it to the castle with a rune, the Players win!




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