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12 Oct 2023

Build rail network in a new game by Martin Wallace

Announcing Steam Power

Martin Wallace is famous for making games in very different genres and settings, but his games featuring railroads have always been demanded by the players. In 2025 he is going to release a new design, Steam Power, which is available on Tabletopia already now!

In Steam Power, players "race" to build the best rail network to meet their contractual obligations and make the most money.

On your turn, you can perform two actions from a selection of choices, letting you lay tracks, build factories, fulfill contracts, earn money, or collect more contracts. Building a factory brings resources to the board that all players have access to...at a price.

The game ends when a certain number of contracts are fulfilled, which varies by player count. The player with the most points (and money, which converts to points) wins.

Play it now on Tabletopia!

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