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08 Sep 2022

Celebrate Stonemaier Games's 10th Anniversary!

All 1 & 2 player Stonemaier Games setups free during September

10 years ago to this day, Viticulture was successfully funded on Kickstarter, and thus Stonemaier Games was born!

Since then, Jamey Stegmaier has been a leading force in the industry, helping bring to life such memorable titles as Scythe, Tapestry, & Elizabeth Hargrave's Wingspan.



Stonemaier Games are currently celebrating this month in many ways, and you can join in the celebration right here on Tabletopia.


For the month of September, all 1- and 2-player setups for Stonemaier Games titles are completely free to play!


Check out the list below and discover some of the games that have helped define the industry over the last decade. Here's to another 10 years of great gaming! 🎉


Play now!


Stonemaier Games Tabletopia Banner

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