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07 Dec 2023

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Announcing Storm Raiders

Many games become available on Tabletopia along with their crowdfunding campaigns, but sometimes it happens even well ahead of time! Storm Raiders is a new game by Shem Phillips, well-known for North Sea and West Kingdom trilogies, but this time set in a cruel postapocalyptic world. The game will be crowdfunded only next year, but you can try it out on Tabletopia already now!

The aim of Storm Raiders is to be the player with the most prestige at the game's end. Storm raiding is a perilous task, filled with many dangers - the most devastating being the mighty Rift Storm that encircles the many islands. Players will want to stay close to the storm, without being overcome by its immeasurable force.

Prestige is gained by salvaging wreck sites, fulfilling contracts, acquiring crew, upgrading their vehicles, and earning medals. Players will be drafting dice each turn to either travel using their trike, plane, or sub, or to instead take some much-needed time to rest and repair their battered vehicles.

After 6 rounds of traversing the splintered landscape, players will add up their prestige points to determine who will be remembered as the greatest Storm Raider of their time.

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