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18 Sep 2021

The Tabletop Gaming Christmas Advent Calendar Returns

25 days of gaming goodness to start Christmas early

The famous Tabletop Gaming Advent Calendar returns for 2021 – ready to make a gamer in your life believe in Christmas miracles once again. With 25 days (yes, there’s a bonus day) of gifts to unwrap from the first of December, there’s something for everyone.

There’s only 50 left of these amazing bundles of Christmas joy!

This year they've gone big, with an RRP of £550! And they're pretty sure it’s going to blow your stocking off. You can get this brilliant bundle for £250 (or £230 for Tabletop Gaming subscribers).



There are amazing gifts from: Heidelbar, Osprey Games, Pegasus-Spiele, Portal Games, Aconyte, The Detective Society, Alley Cat Games, Warlord Games, Mantic, Loke Battle Mats, Sinister Fish, Kosmos, Horrible Guild, Nuts! Publishing, Deep-Cut studio, Hachette Board Games UK, Tabletopia, Flesh and Blood, Honey Badger Games, Rent-a-Meeple, and Free League!

But you can’t know exactly what's been wrapped up, after all, that would ruin the surprise! Each customer will receive a box full of individually wrapped games and accessories, numbered for each day of December leading up to Christmas.

Treat yourself now!

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