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06 Dec 2016

Tabletopia for Beginners

Beginner's Guide, Technical Release, Creation of Games

Hey Tabletopians,

So many of you joined us since our recent realease on Steam. It's great!

At the same time we understand that for new players and beginners the system might seem a bit overwhelming. That's why we've prepared a Beginner's Guide for you to get you started on Tabletopia in 4 simple steps. Check it out now!


Next, we would like to let you know that we constatly gather and analyze your feedback about connection issues, glitches, freezes, and slow response. We're working really hard to fix these bugs. In our recent technical release the following fixes were made:

  • Main page performance and loading speed boosted (expected to decrease from 18 sec to 5-7 sec)
  • Caching for most frequently-used data enabled
  • Server capacities increased
  • Link to access the game's page added to the game lobby

More things are planned and already in development. Your feedback helps a lot, and the more detailed (including logs, computer characteristics, etc.), the better.


Also, for those of you who make your games on Tabletopia, please be sure to add only games that were created and designed by you. Our moderators will be forced to delete all games that are added without the permission of their right-holders.

Let's keep Tabletopia 100% licensed and a place where each can create, playtest, and demonstrate their own games. Thank you for your understanding.

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