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06 Jun 2022

Tabletopia 2.0 coming soon!

Digital tabletop gaming evolves

We are happy to announce that this year Tabletopia engine will get the most fundamental update in its history that will radically improve its performance, graphics, and usability for both players and game designers. There's so much new stuff that we call this update Tabletopia 2.0.

Since its creation in 2015, Tabletopia has been a unique innovative tool that lets you play and experience virtual 3D board games from your web browser. However, technology progresses and now in 2022, we are able to make things even more beautiful and convenient for our users.


Capture.PNGKickstarter felt like a lifetime ago!


Here are some of the changes to come:




First, graphic performance will be much better without increasing loading time and required memory space. At the moment, even though playing in a web browser gives you 100% of the Tabletopia experience, we recommend playing in the Steam app because graphics quality, resolution, and overall performance are clearly better. In Tabletopia 2.0 you will not see this difference anymore because the browser experience will be the same as in the application.




Second, many new features will be added to make gameplay smoother. We regularly receive requests from you for features like an “undo” button (letting you cancel the previous action), the ability to search through decks and bags, the ability to type and draw on the game components, tools to measure distances, customizable hotkeys etc. All this and much more will be implemented in the new engine - watch this space to keep informed about new features!




Last but not least, the game creation process will go through the most drastic changes. It will take place completely in the game client, i.e. on the table. You will be able to upload any objects directly to your table, customize it, multiply, scale, or group. This will make game design and prototyping much easier and open new possibilities for your creativity. But what is most important, this new feature set will help not only game designers but also the players - you will be able to customize your game in action by changing or uploading any objects. Don’t want to play with standard meeples again? Upload your models or make simple standees from photos of yourself and your friends!

We plan to launch the new functionality for game design this fall and will keep you updated about new features and other improvements!

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