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30 Aug 2022

Can you time the comic investment market well enough to profit?

Announcing The Comic Book Bubble

In The Comic Book Bubble, you invest in comics of the modern era, represented by covers of comics from publisher Red 5 Comics. Buy comics when the market is low, and sell for a profit.



Each turn, players simultaneously select action cards - buy a comic, manipulate the market, or use the card's superpower. The market is comprised of various genres that rise and fall throughout the game.



Comics are bought and sold for the current market value of the genres on the card. As the game progresses, the genre variance increases - comics become worth a lot more - and less!

Are you savvy enough to make money before the bubble bursts?


The Comic Book Bubble Overview


This game features comic covers from publisher Red 5 Comics.




Now on Kickstarter!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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