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17 Sep 2022

Save your Islanders from a rapidly approaching FOG!

Announcing The FOG - Escape from Paradise

The Fog is a competitive, challenging and enthralling game with 45 to 120 minutes playing time for 1 to 6 players. It is about villagers of a lonely island who are trying in panic to reach their boats on the shore to escape the rapidly approaching mysterious, horrifying and perilous Fog that has taken over their island. The game combines tactical depth, interactive dynamics and a high variability through the islander's many different movement options and a variable setup.



You are playing a guardian coordinating the difficult path of several self-drafted islanders towards their boats – trying to save as many of them as possible. Each turn you use the available movement points for the various movement options like running, swapping, pushing, squeezing through, jumping and crossing, to move your selected islanders towards the rescuing boats. While the beach is packed and everyone is in panic, will you stay calm and ensure that your islanders reach their boats before the FOG reaches them?


The Fog on a table


For your achievements you will receive or lose rescuing points. The guardian with the most rescuing points wins the game against The Fog and the other players.


The Fog mid-game


Now on Kickstarter!

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The FOG Tabletopia banner

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