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25 Apr 2022

Take control of a budding galactic empire

Announcing The Galaxia Initiative

Take control of a budding galactic empire in the 22nd Century during The Galaxia Initiative, a program where civilizations are encouraged to expand and make their mark on the universe. Colonize planets, work on The Station, construct moons, build alliances and fight important battles while scavenging the scrapyards of the cosmos.




  • Swap 2 dice on the dynamic, ever changing Galaxy Board.
  • Create a line of 3 or more rocket dice of the same color or number and recruit them. Use them to colonize planets, build moons, work on The Station or visit the Scrapyard.
  • Trigger battles with the other empires by meeting collective or singular goals! Find alliances & take advantage of battle only bonuses for unexpected victory.




Your Player Aid is your empire and how you choose to build The Station, acquire attack and scavenge is up to you with variable empire abilities!



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