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30 Sep 2020

Race through the cemetery and apprehend the Professor!

Announcing The Pet Cemetery

The Pet Cemetery is an exciting pet monster-themed tabletop board game for 2 to 6 players that is easy to learn, family-friendly, and is great for parties and game nights! Players use strategy, planning, and educated guesses to outwit their opponents and be the first to capture the Professor.



Players start at the edge of the cemetery with 3 cards in hand. On their turn they can move one space toward the end, play a card, or draw a card from the deck.

The game board tiles and game cards include a variety of actions that allow players to spawn and move pet monsters into the path of their opponents, search for treasure, keep themselves safe from attacks, jump over obstacles, skip opponents turns, and cheat as they navigate their way across the board and attempt to hinder the progress of their opponents.

Cards can be chained together to create amazing combos that allow players to maximize each turn. The first player to find a set of handcuff cards in the deck and cross the finish line wins the game.

Additionally, each player is randomly dealt one of the 10 unique character cards. Each character has a unique ability that players can use during the game to give them a unique advantage over the others, so pay close attention to what each player can do so you can plan ahead!



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