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20 Mar 2021

Which cards contain important clues? Can you deduce what's important? 🔎

Announcing The Sherlock Files Demo Deck

The Sherlock Files is a cooperative mystery series. This demo deck is a quick introduction to the system that you can play with 1-8 players in 30 minutes.

For this and all the other cases in the Sherlock Files series, you will follow the clues, piece together the evidence, and then identify who did it, how, and why. In each Q case you try to solve a mystery case with 32 clues. Play in turns, one player at a time, until all cards have been revealed or discarded.



To reveal a card, choose a card from your hand and place it on the table, so all players can read or see the entire information. We recommend you read out loud all shared info when you place it on the table. If you play a clue that happens to be irrelevant to the case, you’ll lose points at the end of the game, but be careful! Some clues are vital to resolve the case.

You can share and expose your theories at any moment and talk about the cards you have in your hand but you cannot show them to the other players and you may only read out loud the words written in bold or the text framed inside an image.




At the end of the game, when all clue cards have been revealed or discarded, you must check carefully all the available information and prepare a theory of what happened,working all together. Then, open the questionnaire and answer all questions. During this phase of the game, you can speak freely about your discarded cards, or the information you remember of them. Each right answer will add two points.


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