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18 Dec 2023

Lead crusaders to fight for Jerusalem!

Announcing Third Crusade

Third Crusade is the newset game in the line of Ion Game Design's historical simulations - this time you are going to lead a 13th Century Crusade trying to capture Jerusalem. This is a wargame for 1-4 players with relatively easy rules and lots of depth.

Unite with your brothers in arms for this holy war. Richard Lionheart and the Angevine have joined with knights from The Holy Roman Empire to try and conquer the city of Jerusalem and retake the holy land from Saladin’s Ayyubid dynasty and the Turkomans.

Fight for control over the cities and deserts of Palestine. Plan out your actions alongside your ally before turning against them and take the victory for yourself. Send out cavalry and siege engines to battle your enemies, but be aware of their need for water. You don’t want your army to die of thirst before they even clash with the enemy.

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