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28 Apr 2022

Work together and restore the elements in real time!

Announcing Totemix

In Totemix, you must reconnect ancestral ties and collectively weave the fabric of a lost connection. The first civilizations had made a pact with Totem animals linked to their environment. You will therefore have the delicate mission of resurrecting these primordial forces.


French-language video


There are six animal totems to reconstruct for six environments to save. Intimately linked, they share powers in common, necessary for the healing of the world. Because every day biodiversity is attacked from all sides and it is now up to you to reverse the process.

You will have to coordinate your respective actions in real time and mix your Totems in order to optimize your strategies to reconstruct the puzzle chosen at the start of the game. Cooperation, tile placement, real time, dynamic puzzle are the key words of this game which is played against the clock.




The countdown is on. Will you be quick enough to reverse the clock and restore the world to its original form?



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