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11 May 2023

Collect sets of mystical animal tokens and form perfect triquetas

Announcing Triqueta

Triqueta is a Celtic-inspired competitive game for 2-5 players to collect exactly 3 identical animal tokens of each type of animal to form a perfect Triqueta, an ancient symbol with 3 interlaced arcs.



But be careful, if you get too greedy and collect 4 or more tokens of the same animal, you will only lose points at the end.


Triqueta Stones


Find the perfect balance between pushing your luck and making it harder for your opponents! Depending on the group of players, Triqueta can either be a fun, lightweight family game or get competitive and heated in the battle for the best animal collection.


Triqueta on Tabletopia


Play it now on Tabletopia!


Triqueta Tabletopia banner

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