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24 Jan 2022

Urto is a surprising dungeon crawler mixing fun, racing, strategy and combat.

Announcing Urto

Urto, the guardian, waits for the new champion in his cave to transmit his power. You are one of those heroes. Manage your abilities, your magic, and your health to survive. Treasures, pugnacious creatures and various events await you.



Urto is a "dungeon exploration"-type game. You play as one of the five champions who seek an ancestral power hidden within the depths of a sacred cave. Face the abyss challenges and native creatures, discover and equip powerful artifacts, skillfully manage your magic and life points and perhaps, the guardian of Urto will reward you with his soul.



- Each game contains a random cave map

Discover the unexplored rooms of the cave by picking them from a bag containing slightly hostile creatures, legendary treasures, and unexpected events.

- 5 unique heroes

Play as one of the 5 heroes of Mehorina and use to your best advantage their respective strengths and weaknesses.




- 3 divine weapons

Will you dare venture to the darkest recesses of the cave to obtain powerful relics that will give you the edge... at a price?

- Mushrooms!

Huge fungal abominations may block your journey. Destroying will also allow you to slow down other players!




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