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07 Apr 2022

A thrilling co-op adventure set in the World of Darkness

Announcing Vampire: The Masquerade — CHAPTERS: Banu Haqim #1

Vampire: The Masquerade — CHAPTERS is a story-driven and innovative roleplaying experience. In a city in turmoil, caught in the strings of ancients that hungers for the very heart of the metropolis. Combining the best elements that exist both within RPGs and board games, this entirely novel gameplay we brewed at FLYOS will allow you to explore the city through your choices, your successes, your failures and, of course, their inevitable consequences…




Players will be immersed in advanced investigations, a multi-choice dialogue system, and powerful fighting strategies. Players choose to play as one of the main clans of Kindred (Brujah, Toreador, Gangrel, Ventrue, Tremere, Malkavian, Nosferatu, Pariah) and encounter many types of characters and enemies.



Discover the first scenario (out of 2) of the Banu Haqim Expansion Pack. In this SOLO scenario, you will embody Aaron Wissal. A dreadful mercenary approaching the city of Montreal, on a mission for the sheriff: Caleb Duval




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