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02 Oct 2020

Learn & Play Varia - The First Person Card Game

Live Learn & Play Event on October 8th

Hey Tabletopians!

We want to invite you all to our Learn & Play event on Thursday, 8th of October. Tabletopia will be hosting a live teaching session of Varia - the first person card game (which is currently on Kickstarter!). Mark from Tabletopia will be joined by Anthony, one of the co-designers of the game. We'll play a round or two to give you a feel for the flow of the game, and after the rules explanation you'll be able to find opponents among other attendees and play straight away. This is your chance to not only learn directly from the creator, but ask questions live!



Varia is a new style of collectible card game that pits you against your opponent in combat.

When playing Varia, there are no minions to protect you or creature summons to hide behind. Instead, you raise the shield. You cast the spell. You swing for the win with your weapon of choice. If you want to win a game of Varia, you are going to have to do the fighting yourself.

Each Varia class deck allows players to feel what it's like to actually be that class. While each deck offers its own unique take on combat, Varia is a highly-configurable system that also enables you to build a custom class that best represents you. ​With Varia, the only limit is your imagination.


Our event will take place at 8pm Eastern | 5pm Pacific on October 8th, and will be broadcast on our Twitch channel. Please also join our Discord server for matchmaking afterwards.


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Please pre-register for the Learn & Play to help us plan the event!

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