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13 Sep 2021

Collect and care for houseplants as you arrange the coziest home.

Announcing Verdant

Verdant is a puzzly spatial card game for 1 to 4 players. You take on the role of a houseplant enthusiast trying to create the coziest interior space by collecting and arranging houseplants and other objects within your home. You must position your plants so that they are provided with the most suitable light conditions and take care of them to create the most verdant collection.




1-4 players

30-45 minutes

Card drafting, tile placement, pattern building!



Each turn, you select an adjacent pair of a card and token, then use those items to build an ever-expanding tableau of cards that represents your home. You need to keep various objectives in mind as you attempt to increase plant verdancy by making spatial matches and using item tokens to take various nurture actions. You can also build your "green thumb" skills, which allows you to take additional actions to care for your plants and create the coziest space!



This is the third game in the FlatOut Games CoLab series, following Cascadia & Calico! Lovers of spatial games will find some crunchy goodness in here.


Coming to Kickstarter this week!

Play it now on Tabletopia!



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