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22 Apr 2021

Built-in Video Chat Now In Beta!

Available For All Premium Users

We're pleased to announce one of our biggest feature updates yet!

In-game video chat is a feature that is now in beta-testing and available for all Premium users. You can play a game, see each other, and talk all in the same window. If at least one player in your game has a Premium player plan (Silver or Gold), they can enable video chat for the whole group. You can learn how to upgrade your player plan to premium here.

Video chat is available only in the game client via web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, Safari) or Tabletopia Steam application (Windows, MacOS). If this feature is available for you (i.e. you are a Premium player OR another Premium player in your game has enabled it) you will see the following invitation:


Click ‘Apply’ to start the 14-day free trial period. When prompted by your browser, you will need to permit Tabletopia to use your webcam and/or microphone.



Only a person with a Premium player plan can enable the video chat in a game room. This person doesn’t necessarily need to be the game host; the game can be created by any player. However, if a Premium player enables video chat, every other player will get access to the feature for that gaming session.

As video chat demands many resources of your system, we strongly recommend using it in the Steam app rather than in a Web browser. Technical constraints of the browsers may cause significant performance slowdown even with two players. We also recommend playing from desktop computers or powerful gaming laptops. The speed of your Internet connection also plays an important role in the smooth performance of Tabletopia with enabled video chat.




This feature is still in beta, and you may encounter some technical issues. Please report any problems you have with the feature to support@tabletopia.com.

For a more detailed look at what you can do with video chat, see our help article here.

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