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26 Jan 2024

Create northern islands in yet another classic game!

Announcing Vikings

Have you ever wondered how many viking themed games are there? Well, on Tabletopia we have five board games only with the word "viking" in the title, but many more games about brave northern seafarers in general. But is there a game that is called just "Vikings"? Yes, and this is, of course, a modern classic by Michael Kiesling which has now been added to our Board Game Museum!

The game is quite simple, but deep, as many Hans im Glück games. The resources in the game consist of coins and several types of ship tiles, island tiles and meeples. In each of 6 rounds, a random set of 12 tiles and 12 meeples becomes available. Players take turns buying and placing pairs of meeples and tiles. There is no direct player interaction, only indirect contention for resources during the buying phase.

The most unusual aspect of the game is the pricing wheel, which pairs meeples with tiles and sets their prices.

Play it now on Tabletopia!

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