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11 Nov 2021

Two insect games buzz their way to Tabletopia!

Announcing Waggle Dance & Termite Towers

Mike Nudd (Dice Hospital) presents two new insect-forward offerings for you to sink your teeth into!


Waggle Dance

Direct your worker bees to collect nectar, hatch eggs and make the most honey!


Article Image Size - 2021-11-11T190141.027.jpg

Control worker bees to build a beehive, collect nectar, and make honey while also being efficient and strategic to outmanoeuvre your opponents. Waggle Dance is a 1-4 player Euro-style worker-placement dice game has stunning artwork and broad appeal. There are many paths to a sweet victory - it’s every beehive for themselves!



Play it now on Tabletopia!




Termite Towers

Direct your termites to collect wood, hatch eggs and build the best tower!


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Termite Towers brings players into the world of efficient and dedicated termites, building on the mechanics of Waggle Dance.

Players compete to complete their section of the mound first, gathering the necessary resources from the woodpile, whilst hatching new termites and training up soldiers that can help you secure the best spots.



With the wood you have gathered, you use the polyomino plan cards to construct your tower, the winner is the first player to build the required number of rows (5 for a shorter game, 7 for a longer game).

Much like its predecessor, you can also call on the help of the Queen to help you, or hinder your opponents.




Play it now on Tabletopia!



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