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22 Sep 2022

A portable dark fantasy card game

Announcing Waking Shards

A fracture in the world’s balance has resulted in powerful Energy Shards dispersing all around. Ancient Guardians are waking up from their eternal slumber to fight over their possession. Amass an army of Guardians and collect the Shards to reign supreme.



Waking Shards is a portable dark fantasy card game that focuses on strategy and combos. Get victory points by recruiting Guardians and control the game by collecting Shards.



The game is played in rounds. Each round players draw a number of cards and then take turns until they empty their hands. In each turn players play one card, which can be a Unit (aka Guardian) or a Shard. When the round ends, the players with the strongest army (strongest units) wins the round. Cards are then shuffled back into the deck to start a new round but Shards stay in play. This is where strategy comes in. You want to win the current round with a strong army but you also want to collect Shards to win future rounds.


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