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07 Oct 2021

Become a warlord, defeat monstrous bioweapons

Announcing Warlord Protocol

Warlord Protocol is a competitive asymmetrical deck-building game where you take on the persona of a Warlord, a charismatic leader with a unique and powerful ability. As a Warlord, your ultimate goal is to lead your faction to victory; and to accomplish this goal you will construct a deck by recruiting the best Action, Infantry, and Fortification cards to compliment your strategy. Not only will you use these cards to engage in direct combat with your enemies, but you will also use them to claim valuable Territory cards by eliminating monstrous Bioweapons.



There are a total of six factions within Warlord Protocol, each featuring a distinct theme and play style. And each game of Warlord Protocol is played with just three of these factions. Learning how the cards of one faction interact with the cards of another will be the key to your success. And coming to an understanding of how you can chain these cards together to maximize their synergy will increase your chances of winning.




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