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26 Feb 2016

Games for this weekend №13

Weekly digest of new Tabletopia games

Today, we are happy to present to you


1. Villages of Valeria 

Villages of Valeria cropped scaled 1280.jpg


In Villages of Valeria, you play the role of a Duke Building a Village around your castle by playing cards from your hand onto the table in front of you. Develop Resources to build Buildings which give you Victory Points and special powers. The right Buildings help you recruit Adventurers, which provide even more Victory Points and special powers.


The player with the most Victory Points at the end wins the game and their Village will become the Capitol City of Valeria!


And if you like this game, you might also be interested in its Kickstarter campaign. Only 4 days to go!


Number of Players: 2 − 5

Playing time: 30 − 45 min.

Suggested age: 13+

Mechanics: Card Drafting, Hand Management

Theme: Fantasy, Building

Play zone: https://beta.tabletopia.com/play/villages-of-valeria-88u86n



2. Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans 

Imperial Settlers Atlanteans cropped scaled1280.jpg


Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans created an amazing culture and technology far beyond the reach of any other ancient civilization. When the game begins, all these wonders, your culture, are being threatened by catastrophe. Save your ancient legacy and settle on safe lands before the water sinks everything you have created.


With Imperial Settlers: Atlanteans you gain access to a brand new faction with its own goals and method of development. Also included, are cards to expand the 4 base game factions, as well as the common deck with new traits and card types compatible with the Atlanteans.


The end is near. Try to survive it!

Number of Players: 2 − 5

Playing time: 45 − 90 min.

Suggested age: 10+

Mechanics:  Card Drafting, Hand Management, Variable Player Powers

Theme: Ancient, Civilizations

Play zone: https://beta.tabletopia.com/play/imperial-settlers-atlanteans



3. Masters of Venice 

Masters of Venice cropped scaled1280.jpg


Venice, the 1400's. You are a young merchant trying to make your name in this legendary port of vibrant commerce. Trade in spices, silks, gems, iron, and grain can bring great wealth... if you can bend the market to your will. Buy goods as they enter the city docks and sell them to the tradesmen who need them. Increase your profits by buying shares of the shops that use the goods in which you trade. Gain gold and prestige by fulfilling the orders of the Guild Hall craftsmen.


But Venice is a city of fickle demands and mercurial politics. Spend your ducats wisely and look for help from powerful people such as the Guildmaster, the Harbormaster, the Tax Collector... or perhaps a Thief. Even the humble Gondolieri have powerful connections in Venice. In the end, the most important thing to remember is the simple rule of commerce... buy low and sell high! Only those with the most gold and the highest prestige can truly become... Masters of Venice!


Number of Players: 2 − 5

Playing time: 60 − 90 min.

Suggested age: 15+

Mechanics:  Auction/Bidding, Commodity Speculation, Pick-up and Deliver, Simultaneous Action Selection, Stock Holding, Variable Phase Order

Theme: Economic

Play zone: https://beta.tabletopia.com/play/masters--of--venice

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