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14 May 2016

Here Be Dragons… and Spaceships!

Weekly digest of new Tabletopia games

Light of Dragons and Space Race were added this week to Tabletopia. Try them now for free in our public playing zones.


Light of Dragons

Light of Dragons (2015)

2 Players; 10–30 Min

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Light of Dragons is an abstract strategy game for two players. Use custom dice representing six units with special powers to devise strategies and outwit your opponent to become the sole ruler of the Warlands.


Imagine fantasy chess with upgradeable units, unique powers and a scoring system. And much shorter in time!


Light of Dragons



Space Race2.png

Space Race: The Card Game (2016)

2–4 Players; 30–60 Min

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Space Race is a card game featuring simultaneous action selection, hand management and card drafting.


Take charge of a newly established space agency during the Cold War era and expand it to achieve remarkable breakthroughs. Find synergies and construct powerful combinations out of different card abilities. Discover your own winning strategy in the universe of possibilities.


“A really rock solid card combo chain extravaganza!”   - Rahdo


Space Race is now on Kickstarter (and already funded!) with a couple of days left to back it.

 Space Race



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