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18 May 2016

Will You Hunt for Hitler or Hunt for Gold?

Weekly digest of new Tabletopia games

New games this week on Tabletopia: Black Orchestra, a richly themed historic co-operative game set during WWII, and Fool's Gold, a strategic game about digging for gold during the Gold Rush in California. Read on for details!


Q5Y5V5KwsiRMooO2IdEHE2.pngBlack Orchestra 

1–5 Players; 45–75 Min; Game on BGG




Black Orchestra is a tense co-operative game set during Second World War. As historic figures, you are involved in the conspiracy to assassinate Hitler, all the while trying to avoid discovery, capture, and interrogation.


Moving across a map of Europe you will gather information and resources to enact any of several possible plots. As the clock ticks and Hitler's ambitions grow, you must build the strength and choose the perfect moment to strike for the kill.


The game is thematic. A lot. [...] Add the historic flavour that Event cards bring, randomly set everytime for maximum replayability, a fitting and very creative artwork and overall component design... Go to Tabletopia and give it a try. You won't regret it.

Review by Acererak


Check out the Youtube stream hosted by game's author Philip duBarry (Spirits of the Rice Paddy, Revolution!). You can also pre-order Black Orchestra now for it to be released in print by Game Salute!


Black Orchestra board



lRRtPG8fSzupV92UtLnrH0.pngFool’s Gold (2015)

3–5 Players; 60–90 Min; Game on BGG




Fool's Gold is a strategic game featuring dice rolling, push-your-luck, set collection, and worker placement.


The year is 1849, and the Gold Rush is in full swing in California. As investors you will be sending prospectors on a quest to find gold at various locations—in the mountains, in a forest, at a river—in a fast-paced race to snatch up gold before others beat you to it. The more you dig, the less gold there's left.


Will you be the most savvy one to make fast fortune? Or will you end up with nothing but fool's gold? 



The game's very balanced. A lot of good decisions to be made!

The Game Boy Geek


Fool's Gold board 

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