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29 Jan 2016

Games for this weekend №9

Weekly digest of new Tabletopia games

Hey, folks! Today, we have a very special racing weekend. All of our new games have a connection to the racing theme. Enjoy!


1. Lewis & Clark

lewis and clark.jpg

Lewis & Clark is a board game in which the players manage an expedition intended to cross the North American continent. Their goal is to be the first to reach the Pacific. Each one has his own Corps of Discovery that will be completed by the Native Americans and the trappers met during the journey. He has to cleverly manage his characters and also the resources he finds along the way. Beware, sometimes frugality is better than abundance.


Lewis & Clark features dual use cards. To be activated, one card must be combined with another one, which becomes unavailable for a while. Thus, players are faced with a constant dilemma: play a card or sacrifice it. During the game, each player acquires character cards that enlarge his hand, building a crew that gives him more options but it needs to be optimized as he will recycle his cards more slowly. This new "handbuilding" mechanism fits strongly the historical background.


Since the aim of the game is to be the first on the Pacific coast, the timing and the opportunistic use of the other players' positions are crucial.


Number of Players: 1 − 5

Playing time: 60 − 120 min.

Suggested age: 14+

Mechanics: Card Drafting, Deck / Pool Building, Hand Management, Worker Placement

Theme: History, Exploration

Play zone: https://beta.tabletopia.com/play/lewis-clark



2. Steampunk Rally

steampunk rally.jpg

Steampunk Rally is a strategy game that incorporates steampunk as more than just a bit of chrome. Using a unique dice-placement mechanism, players take on the roles of famous inventors from the turn of the last century like Nikola Tesla and Marie Curie, constructing fantastical contraptions that make use of steam, heat and electricity in an attempt to win a no-holds-barred race through the Swiss alps.


Number of Players: 2 − 8

Playing time: 45 − 60 min.

Suggested age: 14+

Mechanics:  Card Drafting, Dice Rolling, Modular Board, Simultaneous Action Selection, Variable Player Powers

Theme: Racing, Steampunk

Play zone: https://beta.tabletopia.com/play/steampunk-rally



3. 1944: Race to the Rhine

race to the rhine.jpg

The game is based on historical events of the year 1944. Players, in the roles of Allied commanders, take part in a true race to the Rhine. Whoever reaches the river first, wins the game and ends World War II before Christmas. But time is short, since the Axis defense is getting stronger and stronger, and the window of opportunity may not be opened for long.


Number of Players: 1 − 3

Playing time: 90 min.

Suggested age: 14+

Mechanics: Pick-up and Deliver, Point to Point Movement, Route/Network Building

Theme: World War II

Play zone: https://beta.tabletopia.com/play/1944-race-to-the-rhine

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