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29 Nov 2022

Imps and Elves try to fool Santa!

Announcing Weird Little Elf

Santa's Elves are working hard to finish all the toys in Santa's workshop, but something isn't right. The Elves are acting very strangely!



Rumor has it a terrible Imp has snuck into the workshop to sabotage the toys and ruin Christmas. But the Elves can be mischievous too, and Santa's having trouble telling who's who. So he gathers all the “Elves” around and asks them one simple question…



Weird Little Elf is the little bitty holiday game that’s a little bit weird. Players take turns being Santa, who poses a question for the others to answer. The other players are Elves, although one is secretly an Imp who follows a special rule that could give it away. The first player to accuse the Imp correctly three times wins!


Weird Little Elf board game


Play it now on Tabletopia!


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