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24 Jul 2018

It Gets Worse Here Every Day

Announcing Welcome to the Jungle

Take on the role of a crew leader using cash and goodies to take over territories in the jungle. But beware. Everyone wants a piece of the pie and others are furthering their claim, and tightening their grasp on territories they control. Gather the crew, weapons, and abilities to fight them in Welcome to the Jungle - new area control card drafting game by Coffee Cake Gaming. 

JungleWelcome to the Jungle 

2-4 players; 60-120 Minutes

Welcome to the Jungle is an inventory and land management game, with card battling elements. Players take on the role of rival crew leaders working their way to becoming kingpins of the jungle. Buying and selling goodies — and even gambling — are used to acquire enough resources to take over, raise levels, and become kingpin of territories in the city. Players also battle each other for control over opposing players territories by drafting cards to build up a crew of characters with which they will fight. The first player to control the most territories at kingpin level wins. It’s all for the taking if you have the guts to grab it. 

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