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04 Mar 2024

Rule a powerful kingdom in the world of Dark Horse!

Announcing Winds of Numa Sera

Winds of Numa Sera is a Kingdom-Building Strategy Board Game for 2-4 players that shares the same world and characters as the acclaimed graphic novel from Dark Horse.

Each player controls a different kingdom that comes with a trio of unique heroes to play as and customize. There are multiple ways to win the game, and whoever is first to any of them, wins.

Vast, beautiful, and dangerous, the world of Ethera is full of unique cultures and kingdoms -- all vying for control of the landscape. From the ordained bloodline of Numa Sera, to the valiant knights of Dena Vale, to the “Cat People” of Meran, and the Pillaging Hordes of Siaa De’e. Each force will stop at nothing to advance its power.

Winds of Numa Sera_news_2.jpg

As the leader of your people, your goal is to amass resources and create the most powerful kingdom in all of Ethera, so that your name will be remembered long after you are gone. There are several ways to achieve this: by conquering strongholds, slaying your opponents’ heroes, mastering skills, or earning new class titles. You can rule benevolently, cruelly, or anything in between. The choice is yours.

Whichever path you take, you will need to acquire assets to advance your heroes and grow your kingdom. Through exploration of Ethera’s many distinct environments, you will uncover rare items and enlist new allies to assist in your campaign. But exploration also has its risks: Ethera is a dangerous place, full of ancient secrets and hidden obstacles. So be ever vigilant…

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