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13 Dec 2022

Travel to Asia to discover new birds for your wildlife preserve.

Announcing Wingspan: Asia

Good news, bird lovers! Wingspan: Asia is now available on Tabletopia. Are you ready to become the ultimate bird sanctuary owner?



In this third expansion to Wingspan, we welcome new species to our habitats by exploring the vibrant, intriguing, and magnificent birds of Asia. These birds were chosen from the over 2,800 species that live in Asia.



This is a stand-alone game for 1 player or 2 players. A new Flock mode is also included to expand the base game of Wingspan up to 6 or 7 players, and these new bird and bonus cards can be combined with the base game and/or previous expansions.


Wingspan Asia gameplay.jpg


Play it now on Tabletopia!


Wingspan Asia Tabletopia banner

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