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Tabletopia participates in many of the major events of the board gaming community - both offline and online. On this page, you can find the schedule of the upcoming conventions, fairs and festivals which you can visit either physically or digitally, via your Tabletopia account. During some of the events, our whole catalogue becomes free for all the participants! Don't miss your chance to try Premium games for free.


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Sep. 16-19 GenCon + Gen Con Online Gen Con 2021 is moving to a hybrid format with Gen Con Indy, Gen Con Online, and Pop-Up Gen Con running concurrently to provide in-person and online experiences.   Online events and live streams through Gen Con Online
Oct. 14-17 Essen SPIEL SPIEL in Essen is an international trade fair dedicated exclusively to card and board games and is the largest such event in the world.   Online events and live streams throughout the event


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If you are organizing an event and want to collaborate with us, please write an email to You can read more here about working with us for your event.




As we encourage people to stay connected and play games, we can offer the following to large international and small local boardgaming events:


  1. Tabletopia provides an opportunity for publishers to showcase their new hits even before release. This access can be exclusive during the event or it can start with the event and then keep going.
  2. We understand that for online conventions it is more difficult to attract sponsors. To make digital more attractive for both publishers and game designers, we help with game implementations and can create a special promo offer for publishers that can be included in your event sponsorship package.
  3. In addition to this, we promote event partnerships and games that are a part of the event. We post it to our website’s front page news feed, social media, and add special banners on the main page.
  4. For small local events we can provide free Gold accounts for game masters so that they can host games, explain rules and play with visitors. This means visitors won’t need a paid Tabletopia account to play during the event.
  5. For huge events, we offer promo codes with a 3-7 days Gold subscription so that any visitor can create a free Tabletopia account, apply the code, and play all games during the event for free.
  6. We encourage YouTubers and streamers to host sessions on Tabletopia during events and can create a full streaming schedule with influencers and publishers.
  7. We are always open to new experiments and ideas. Just send us a message to and we’ll consider any partnership ideas.


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